Tips to Help Prevent Sports Injury in Children

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youth sports injury

Now that school has begun, sports are in full swing. From football to field hockey and everything in between, today’s students participate in sports more now than ever before. Physical activity is good for body, mind and soul. However, with its benefits come disadvantages such as injury. Even though high-contact sports pose a greater risk… Read more »

10 Health Concerns for Seniors

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With age comes wisdom, and unfortunately for many, health concerns. We want our senior loved ones to be around as long as possible, and to be as healthy as possible. It could be helpful to be aware of some health issues that especially affect the elderly so you can help them seek medical treatment, if… Read more »

Happy National Grandparents Day!

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National Grandparents Day

Each year, the National Grandparents Day occurs on the first Sunday after Labor Day. So this year, it falls on Sunday, September 8th. If you are fortunate enough to have your grandparents, then celebrate National Grand Parents Day with them! In honor of grandparents everywhere, New England Urgent Care is offering FREE blood pressure checks… Read more »

Are you a mosquitoes favorite meal?

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mosquito bite

There are just some people mosquitoes prefer to bite more than others. Sadly, I’m one of them. In fact, 1 out of 10 people are “mosquito magnets.” Researchers discovered 85% is due to genetics, (thanks, mom). But, there are other factors to consider in the mosquito equation. Studies have shown mosquitoes are attracted to people… Read more »