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Cost and Financial Information

New England Urgent Care makes it as easy as possible to pay for the immediate medical care your receive. Here is some general cost information. (Actual cost is dependent upon the contact rate we have with your insurance provider. If you have no insurance, we offer low, self-pay rates.)

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New England Urgent Care is a cost-saving and time-saving alternative to a typical hospital Emergency Department. Medical Director Dr. Michael Gutman explains…

See how we compare:

New England Urgent Care vs Hospital Emergency Department

Average Costs* for the Following Services New England Urgent Care Hospital Emergency Department
As low as… As much as…
Office Visit $99* $500
Ankle Sprain $150* $1500
Laceration $300* $2000
Abdominal Pain $250* $3000
Dehydration $250* $3000

*Average self-pay rates for patients with NO insurance. Costs may vary. For patients with insurance, cost of visit is dependent upon contract rate of patient’s insurance provider.

See how New England Urgent Care compares to the ER and other Walk-ins on services and wait times…