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Complementary medicine has a wide spectrum of methods. However, the philosophy of New England Complementary Medicine is to use innate organic methods of natural healing that are intended to wean the client off the need to use either conventional medications or even supplements and herbs. This approach is provided by our highly skilled provider network. These integrative modalities are designed to:

  • Help you connect back to Mother Nature
  • Allow you to harness your own body and minds ability to heal itself

Begin Your Healing Journey

We begin with a one-on-one holistic health evaluation to assess your ‘life-balance baseline.’ Our medically certified professionals — physicians, PAs and RNs — will measure and record objective baseline parameters of your health such as your vital signs, and a panel of blood tests. Also, they will assess the emotional/ psychological makeup and life experiences that has lead you to your present state of health.

Your medical/holistic evaluation and blood tests will be either covered by your insurance or a low, out-of-pocket fee, if self-pay.

Each healing journey is different — just like you

Based on your initial assessment, we work with you to develop a comprehensive, holistic plan to assist you in achieving balance and meeting your health goals. Your healing plan will incorporate some of the modalities from our highly skilled healing arts referral network of providers.

New England Urgent Care and New England Complementary Medicine are separate lines of services, which are located in the same office complex in Simsbury. If you or your family should come seeking traditional medical treatment at our urgent care practice, you will be evaluated and treated in a manner in keeping with the most current approaches to allopathic (Western) medicine. No massage, crystal or Reiki therapy will offered to you or your loved ones for an illness like an ear ache or sore throat.

We have prepared a wonderful, relaxing space in which our patients can receive massage and stress reduction therapy, sport massage, chakra balancing, reiki, and many other complementary care services. Visit New England Complementary Medicine for more information and a valuable, money saving coupon.

Appointments Available Upon Request

Please contact us at (860) 714-9020 or

New England Complementary Medicine is located at our Simsbury Urgent Care facility, which is 500 yards north of the International Ice Skating Rink on Route 10. Click the map below for directions.