About New England Urgent Care

Award-winning immediate medical care is here!

From the time you walk into the time you leave, our caring staff and ER-experienced medical teams are focused on you. We treat all non-emergency illnesses and injuries right away. And, without an appointment.

Do you know…

  • For non-emergency care, a typical hospital ER can have long wait times and a high cost
  • In comparison, New England Urgent Care provides immediate medical care at a much lower cost
  • Nearly HALF of all visits to urgent care centers cost, on average, less than $150
  • The average cost of an ER visit is $1,354
  • About 13.7 to 27.1 percent of ALL hospital ER visits could take place at an urgent care center2

See why not all urgent cares are the same.

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Certified Urgent Care Designation

Unlike ordinary walk-in clinics, New England Urgent Care staff members are chosen for their knowledge, ability, experience, and bedside manner. Our medical staff can draw blood, place IV lines for hydration, provide health assessments, prescribe and dispense medication, take x-rays and participate in all areas of patient treatment. Our skilled nursing staff provides a high level of patient education and exceptional care during your visit. And, our friendly, caring front desk staff is there to help you get the treatment you need.

And, we will follow up with you after your visit to make sure you received the care you needed! Visit New England Urgent Care so you can wait less and pay less for award-winning, ER-quality urgent care for all ages.

Our History

Headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, New England Urgent Care was founded November 2010 and opened the doors to its first Urgent Care Clinic in West Hartford on February 14, 2011. Its second location opened in Enfield the following year. The Bristol location opened in December of 2014 and the newest location opened in March of 2017 in Manchester.

Source 1: Urgent Care Association of America. “Urgent Care Association of America Releases 2014 Urgent Care Survey, Shows Major Industry-Wide Expansion.”

Source 2: Weinick, R. M., Burns., R. M., and Mehrotra, A. “Many Emergency Department Visits Could Be Managed At Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics.” Health Affairs. September 2010.