Experience is the difference.

Have you ever gone to a local walk-in clinic only to find out they can’t (or won’t) treat your non-emergency? Do you dread the typical long wait of a hospital Emergency Department visit, especially for a non-life threatening issue? That’s because all immediate medical clinics are NOT the same.

7 Reasons to Choose New England Urgent Care:

  1. You can trust us because we’ve got the credentials. We are the ONLY licensed urgent care Connecticut with clinics in Bristol, Enfield, Manchester and West Hartford, and the ONLY certified walk-in urgent care in Hartford County with multiple locations
  2. We’ve got the know-how. We are Connecticut’s ONLY urgent care group with ER-experienced Provider/RN medical teams and one of very few in the U.S. that can provide that level of medical care
  3. You won’t get sent to the ER for most non-emergencies. Unlike many others who merely send you the to ER, we  treat more non-emergency illnesses and injuries than most other walk-ins
  4. We treat ALL age groups, including the very young and the very old
  5. Experience matters. New England Urgent Care was founded and is directed by a board-certified, Emergency Medicine Physician and Emergency Medicine Nurse
  6. We are there when you need us. We are open every day and the latest on weekends
  7. Really need the ER? We can direct admit. We are the ONLY urgent care that can direct admit patients to many area hospitals, if required, bypassing the ER altogether in certain situations

Do you know…

  • For non-emergency care, a typical hospital ER can have long wait times and a high cost
  • In comparison, New England Urgent Care provides top-level medical care at a much lower cost
  • Nearly HALF of all visits to urgent care centers cost, on average, less than $150
  • The average cost of an ER visit is $1,354
  • About 13.7 to 27.1 percent of ALL hospital ER visits could take place at an urgent care center2

See How New England Urgent Care Compares to Hospital Emergency Department on Costs…

Typical Hospital Wait Times*


* SOURCE: hospitalstats.org

Source 1: Urgent Care Association of America. “Urgent Care Association of America Releases 2014 Urgent Care Survey, Shows Major Industry-Wide Expansion.”

Source 2: Weinick, R. M., Burns., R. M., and Mehrotra, A. “Many Emergency Department Visits Could Be Managed At Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics.” Health Affairs. September 2010.