Patient Testimonials

New England Urgent Care’s mission and philosophy is to treat each patient with respect, efficiency, and compassion. Don’t let us tell you. See what our patients have to say instead…

This is a patient who was quickly diagnosed and transferred to the ER with a thyroid storm by New England Urgent Care Physician Assistant (PA) Lisa Shakun…
The patient was very impressed with the quick diagnosis, care and transfer to the ER. She was hospitalized for several days and is doing very well in recovery. She wanted to pass along a thank-you and praise to Lisa and staff at New England Urgent Care. The patient said, “Lisa knew exactly what was wrong. You have earned my business and I refer your place to many others since then.”
Just another example of the talented staff of this HYBRID Urgent Care unlike any other.
— PA Michael Zerbe

    Ashley G. from Newington

“Not even 24 hours after going to the Bristol location and I feel 98% better !!!  I have been dealing with hip/leg pain for quite some time. I’m not one to run to the doctors for every little ache and pain. But, when it got to the point that it was difficult to walk I decided it may be time. The exam was thorough and x-rays were taken. The diagnosis was a pinched nerve and I was given an anti-inflammatory. I took the pill with dinner. When I woke up the next morning I was surprised to get out of bed with little to no pain!!!  THANK YOU !!!!!!”

Frances V

“I would like to give kudos to your entire staff for the way they responded to me at the West Hartford location. Sonia, Scott, Jessica, and Ivan worked as one professional, compassionate and cohesive unit. They helped me when I walked into their facility ailing. I appreciated their wishes of GOOD LUCK to me as the ambulance arrived to transport me to St. Francis Hospital. When I finally was released from the hospital, I came back to say that the GOOD LUCK they wished me came true. They were genuinely happy for me. That was very comforting to an old codger like me.”

Thank you!

John DiManno/West Hartford


“I visited the Enfield [office of New England] Urgent Care for the first time. I was very impressed with the facility and everyone who works there. All very compassionate! I left with satisfaction and will definitely return the next time I need urgent care!”

– Jean M.

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I decided to go to New England Urgent Care Enfield for the injury I sustained. Everyone was so polite and competent. I felt completely confident that I was being taken excellent care of.  Most of the procedure was provided by Michael. He was great. I went to the specialist that he referred to me. That doctor said that Michael did exactly the right things.

Again, I just wanted to let you know what great staff and facility you have in Enfield, CT!!!” — Jackie H.

“We were entertaining a 77 year-old visitor from Washington, DC with a long history of a blood dyscrasia and chemotherapy. Prior to her visit, she had been placed on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. While visiting us, she developed persistent abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. She had become very dehydrated. So, the Friday evening of Memorial weekend, I took her to your urgent care center in West Hartford.

I want to thank the staff for their diagnosis and treatment, all within one hour! I was pleased to learn that Mr. Devanney’s uncle is a urologic colleague.

The care was so competent that I felt I should compliment you.”

Bernard Kosto, MD

WH Patient Letter 12_31_2015





Patient Survey Comments

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“I just want to thank you all who helped me today with a panick disorder. Just going to a doctor to get meds is very stressful. I am glad to say since the first time I walked into this clinic and met the amazing staff & Dr.Gutman, I was treated like a human with care and I was not judged.

You guys have an amazing facility and the best staff. I was treated by the nurse who was extremely kind and patient with me. Then was seen by the provider who didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and feel like I was being judged. Instead, he was extremely professional and very kind. The front desk staff welcomed me with a smile and was also extremely kind, Simply, everyone made me feel much better once I walked thru the doors and was greeted. My stress went away and I am truly appreciative for everything you all did for me.”

– Karl L

“I brought my elderly mother to your Enfield office for emergency care after a severe fall. Lacerated her arm, fingers and leg. Jesse [PA] was phenomenal. He was a true professional with an outstanding bedside manner. Coming from an extensive medical family, I felt he did an incredible job of bandaging her up.

We returned two days later and Marc took over. He was a mirror of Jesse. Incredibly talented and very soothing in his manner. He made today a very easy situation to deal with. Laura the nurse was also fantastic.”

— Alan & Frances L

A drawing from one of our young patients says it all…


I just wanted to write you a quick note about the fabulous staff at Urgent Care in West Hartford. Right before closing I came in after cutting my finger with a knife. I was SO thankful that you were open but also how welcoming the staff made me feel. Marc Benjamin was GREAT! And the nurse, Mariette, was so calming and sweet. I felt as though I was being treated in a small town’s doctors office!

How can I express how grateful I am or the huge amount of gratitude that I have in this short note! Thank yout your staff and knowing that I have this great care center in the community.

Kathleen W, West Hartford, CT

“I have been here twice. Both times I was so happy with the way my kids and I were treated. It was such a pleasant and unexpected experience for a trip to urgent care. The staff was so wonderful, friendly and helpful.

The second time I went was for myself and my kids were bouncing off the walls. The x-ray tech was so amazing in helping me with them. He put on cartoons, gave them snacks, and really he was just incredible.

We just moved here from Texas and didn’t expect such friendly service. I am just in awe of the way we were treated. We will for sure be back when we have an illness or urgent matter needing medical treatment.”

— Dawn

I am writing to share with you the most incredible experience I had at your West Hartford urgent care facility .

I was having abdominal pain in the late afternoon that I thought would pass. Unfortunately, it got worse in the early evening. I called my physician around 7:45 pm. The doctor on call suggested I go to an Urgent Care. By the time my husband and I got out of the house and approached your location, it was shortly after 8:00 pm. I looked at your website and saw that it closed at 8:00. So, I called to find out if it were possible to be seen. The woman at the front desk said yes.

I hoped I’d just be keeping her and the staff a minute or two. As it turns out, I was there until 9:30 pm. Everybody — Paula (front desk), Amy (the tech), Mariette (the RN) and Lynn (the PA) were just the most caring and responsive people. I was in extreme agony. They did everything in their power to validate my discomfort, treat it and coordinate my transition to St. Francis Hospital.

They had me drink the formula I needed for a CAT scan right there to speed up the test that they scheduled for me at the hospital. Their efforts resulted in a very smooth transition. This was most appreciated considering how awful I felt. Luckily, the pain eventually passed and the exam showed no abnormalities.

As I enjoyed my July 4th weekend, I cannot help but think of the people who made it possible — Paula, Amy, Mariette and Lynn. They should all be applauded. Certainly, I will be highly recommending New England Urgent Care to all my friends and family.


Suzy G.
West Hartford, CT

“Just a quick note to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional service for my mother in law. She and my wife were overwhelmed with the treatment they received from everyone. Mike and your entire team were not only professional and competent, but also compassionate and sensitive.

You operate a wonderful facility, have an excellent staff, and are a good example of how health care should be practiced.”

— Lew

Just Passing Through Town

On April 13, 2013, my fiancé Tim was running a 5K race and cut his arm. The medics at the race temporarily bandaged it so he could complete the remaining 10.7 miles. He was advised to seek further medical attention. We live in upstate New York but remembered passing your Simsbury urgent care the previous day.

When we arrived at New England Urgent Care, Simsbury, Tim had just completed the race. He was muddy, tired, sore, hungry, and generally irritated that he lost 15 minutes on his time while medics bandaged him. Despite these circumstances, our visit to your facility was extremely positive. Your PA, Jeremy, cleaned Tim’s wound and stitched him up. The PA was very professional, polite, diligent in explaining each step and explained follow-up care.

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the excellent care Tim received. While I hope to never need to visit again, I know that if we do, we will be in good hands.


Margaret N.
Syracuse, NY

Thank you for the very kind and professional treatment I received when I came to your office. Another immediate care office said I could come in the next day, but you took me immediately! You took the time and patience to explain everything, which is really important when someone is sick. I will tell all my friends about your professionalism and fine treatment.”

“Being in your care left me with dear memories of doctor visits from my childhood. I truly felt a deep commitment to care that is long gone these days. You are one in a million. Please don’t change a thing!”

— Bette-Ann

“Thank you for all your help and concern for my dad. He is doing great — he went the following day to his cardiologist and was given a clean bill of health. He is back to driving me and my mom crazy as usual!”

— Pam

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful medical care you and your staff provided for my mother on Sunday. It was professional, efficient and compassionate from the moment we walked in the front door. We could not have asked for a better, or quicker, experience.”