occupational health, workers comp

Occupational Health, Workers Comp: Employee Health Solutions for the Workplace

Regardless of your company’s industry and safety measures, at some point, a worker will incur a workers comp situation that requires immediate treatment. Unless it’s a life-threatening instance, most Hospital Emergency Departments are not the most efficient or cost-effective means to treat the majority of occupational health cases.

New England Urgent Care’s ER-trained medical teams can treat the vast majority of work-related injuries and illnesses in a comprehensive, timely and cost-effective manner.  And, we are sensitive to employer OSHA requirements without compromising the quality of care. We offer:

  • Convenient and licensed immediate medical care for your employees and company
  • Preventive care and pre-employment testing
  • Cost-effective aftercare plans to accommodate employer and worker schedules


  • Conveniently treats patients prior to claim number generation — just like the ER
  • Walk in; No appointment needed
  • Corvel, Prime Health Services and The Trust contracted provider
  • Ability and skill to treat the vast majority of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Swift and efficient medical attention without the typical long wait of a hospital ER
  • Close communication with employer
  • Highly-qualified ER-trained provider/RN medical teams
  • Open every day and the latest on weekends

  • Single, on-site source for X-rays, suturing, lab work, casting, IV fluids and medication
  • No employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Sensitive to employer OSHA requirements
  • Multiple licensed and certified urgent care locations
  • Aftercare and follow-up plans that accommodate employer’s and worker’s schedule
  • Certified for quality, skill and equipment by the Urgent Care Association of America
  • Electronic medical records ensure privacy and coordination with all facets of treatment
  • Fast-track hospital admission, if necessary

Comprehensive Occupational Health Care Services

  • Work-related injuries, illnesses, Workers Comp, pre-employment
  • On-site IV fluids and medication, EKG, respiratory and breathing treatments
  • Suturing and casting for fractures and lacerations
  • Back and other joint strains and pains

  • Burns
  • Eye and facial injuries
  • Dehydration
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • DOT physical exams, DOT Certification
  • Drug, TB, and alcohol Breathalyzer testing (DOT approved)